Trail Camp

These are several pictures of Trail Camp taken on my 1992 trip to Whitney.

Here's a picture of Trail Camp as seen from above on the trail up to Trail Crest. If it wasn't so cloudy, you'd see the Owens Valley in the background. The pond in the center of the picture provides water for Trail Camp. To the left of the pond is the base of Wotan's Throne. Consultation Lake can be seen to the far right of the picture

This picture shows some rosy finches eating gorp near our campsite at Trail Camp. The pond and the base of Wotan's Throne can be seen in the background.

Here are some bolder rosy finches eating out of Dave's and my hands in our campsite.

Here's Dave shooing a particularly bold marmot away from our campsite. (I guess we were asking for it feeding all those finches)