Brain Food Cookies

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Brain Food Cookies was the Liberal Materialists 2nd major studio project, and the first that was actually burned onto CDs. It was recorded at Sound Mixer Recording in Fullerton, and was the first set of sessions where the LMs actually decided to take their time and do it right. Unfortunately, their time started in late 1993, and didn't finish until early 1997. There are now a complete set of MP3's of the album here for your enjoyment. If you'd prefer to hear us in the original, sparkling CD, you can buy a copy for only $7.


1. Come Out to Play note (2.7 MB .mp3 file)
2. Gotta Write a Love Song note (2.26 MB .mp3 file)
3. Too Many Valentines note (2.49 MB .mp3 file)
Father, Son, and Ghost:

4. Erase All the Color note (3.39 MB .mp3 file)
5. Walk Like a Man note (2.4 MB .wav file)
6. White Smoke note (4.36 MB .mp3 file)

7. Always On Trial note (2.72 MB .mp3 file)
8. Idle Romeo note (4.52 MB .mp3 file)
9. Sex Without Sex note (4.62 MB .mp3 file)
10. The Bridge note (3.02 MB .mp3 file)
11. Killing Game note (4.2 MB .mp3 file)
12. Wonderful World note (2.47 MB .mp3 file)
13. My God (Is the One with the Biggest Gun) note (2.55 MB .mp3 file)
14. Time To Go note (2.84 MB .mp3 file)
15. I Hate the Beach note (1.92 MB .mp3 file)



Ross Elbling

bass, percussion, vocals

Ross Elbling
Chris Markermorse

Chris Markermorse

vocals, lead and rhythm guitars, keyboards,
Barry Manilow impression

John Perry

vocals, keyboards, rhythm guitar,
percussion, mandolin, melodica

John Perry
Adam Perlstein

Adam Perlstein

drums on

White Smoke, Killing Game
Always on Trial, The Bridge
Wonderful World
Sex Without Sex
Come Out To Play
Time to Go

Scott Morse

drums on

Too Many Valentines
Gotta Write a Love Song
My God
Erase All the Color,
Walk Like a Man
I Hate the Beach
Scott Morse
Greg Watmore

Greg Watmore

lead guitar on

Too Many Valentines
Killing Game

Mariya Tullai

background vocals on

Erase All the Color

The Brain Food Cookies album was recorded at Sound Mixer Recording Studio, Fullerton, Ca, between September, 1993 and July, 1995. It was engineered by Ross Elbling, John Sirca and the Liberal Materialists.

All songs are Copyright 1993, Oof-Arf Music and the Liberal Materialists.

Special thanks to Deana Morse (for love and support), Ammee Perlstein (click-mistress), Cynthia Corley (for love and support), and Larisa Waterman (for her great set of maracas)

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