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The 1973 Championship Team

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The 1973 team was more of the same. Walton, Wilkes, Farmer, Lee, dominance. The only player they lost from the `72 season was Henry Bibby, and Larry Hollyfield did a good job of filling in the hole in the opening lineup. Once again the Bruins went undefeated, for a two-year record of 60-0. They beat their regular season opponents by an average of 22 points.

[1973 Championship Team]
TOP (l to r): Larry Farmer, Keith Wilkes, Dave Meyers, Bill Walton, Ralph Drollinger, Swen Nater, Vince Carson, Pete Trgovich. MIDDLE: Larry Hollyfield, Les Friedman (manager), John Wooden, Gary Cunningham, Ducky Drake, Greg Lee. BOTTOM: Bob Webb, Tommy Curtis, Gary Franklin, Casey Corliss.

The Bruins won their first two games handily, then came up against an Indiana team coached by Bob Knight in his second year. Three minutes into the second half, the Bruins led by 20, but the Hoosiers came storming back on a 17-0 run to pull within three. The Bruins eventually righted their ship and won by 11. The Final against Memphis State was all Bill Walton. He made 21 of 22 shots and scored 44 points, a championship game record, and was voted Most Outstanding Player of the tournament.

March 15: NCAA West Regional semi-final at Pauley Pavilion:


Arizona State 81

Leading Scorers:

Walton 28
Hollyfield 20
Wilkes 12
Farmer 10

Owens 22
Contreras 18
Jackson 10
Kennedy 9

March 17: NCAA West Regional final at Pauley Pavilion:


USF 39

Leading Scorers:

Farmer 13
Curtis 12
Wilkes 12

Smith 17
Restani 8
Quick 8

March 17: NCAA Championship semi-final at St. Louis, Missouri:


Indiana 59

Leading Scorers:

Curtis 22
Walton 14
Wilkes 13
Hollyfield 10

Downing 26
Ritter 13
Crews 8
Buckner 6

March 17: NCAA Championship final at St. Louis, Missouri:


Memphis State 66

Leading Scorers:

Walton 44
Wilkes 16
Hollyfield 8

Finch 29
Kenon 20
Buford 7

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