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The 1967 Championship Team

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Though the Bruins didn't make the 1966 NCAA tournament, Sports Illustrated referred to it as the "Tournament of the Last Chance", based on the fact that Lew Alcindor would be joining the varsity squad at UCLA in the 1966-67 season. As expected, Alcindor (now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar) led the Bruins to a 30-0 season and an NCAA championship. After two more NCAA championships he went on to be as dominant a force in the NBA as he was in college.

[1967 Championship Team]
TOP (l to r): John Wooden, Jerry Norman, Joe Chrisman, Lynn Shackelford, Neville Saner, Lew Alcindor, Jim Nielsen, Ken Heitz, Bill Sweek, Ted Henry (manager), Ducky Drake. BOTTOM: Don Saffer, Lucius Allen, Dick Lynn, Gene Sutherland, Mike Warren.

The 1967 NCAA Tournament gave the rest of the country an idea of the flegeling dynasty that was UCLA basketball. They beat opposing teams by an average of 24 points, with Alcindor filling up the middle, and Lucius Allen and Mike Warren scoring from outside when he was double and triple teamed. Alcindor was named Most Outstanding Player of the Tournament, with Allen and Warren also making the All Tournament team.

March 17: NCAA West Regional semi-final at Corvallis, Oregon:

UCLA 109

Wyoming 60

Leading Scorers:

Alcindor 29
Allen 15
Warren 10
Shackelford 10

Asbury 20
Hall 19
Eberle 12

March 18: NCAA West Regional final at Corvallis, Oregon:


Pacific 64

Leading Scorers:

Alcindor 38
Allen 13
Warren 12

Fox 17
Krulish 12
Swagerty 11

March 24: NCAA Championship semi-final at Louisville, Kentucky:


Houston 58

Leading Scorers:

Shackelford 22
Alcindor 19
Allen 17
Warren 14

Hayes 25
Bell 10
Chaney 6
Kruse 5

March 25: NCAA Championship final at Louisville, Kentucky


Dayton 64

Leading Scorers:

Alcindor 20
Allen 19
Warren 17
Shackelford 10

May 21
Waterman 10
Klaus 8
Sharpenter 8

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