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The 1964 Championship Team

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The 1964 team lived up to the epithet gutty little Bruins. With no starter taller than 6-5, they were a quick team with an excellent full-court zone press and great fast-breaking ability. They weren't thought to be a particularly dominating team at the start of the season, but in January of 1964 they moved into the #1 spot in the polls for the first time in history. They'd occupy that spot for most of the next 11 years.

[1964 Championship Team]
TOP (l to r): Ducky Drake, Jerry Norman, Steve Brucker, Fred Slaughter, Doug McIntosh, Vaughn Hoffman, Keith Erickson, Kim Stewart, Kenny Washington, John Wooden. BOTTOM: Dennis Minishian (Manager), Gail Goodrich, Jack Hirsch, Rich Levin, Walt Hazzard, Kent Graham, Mike Huggins, Chuck Darrow.

Several of the stars of the `64 team went on to illustrious careers in the NBA; notably Keith Erickson, Kenny Washington, Gail Goodrich, and Walt Hazzard. Hazzard and Goodrich made the All-Star team for the NCAA tournament, with Hazzard voted the Most Outstanding Player. Here's the scores for the games UCLA played in the 1964 post-season:

March 13: NCAA West Regional semi-final at Corvallis, Oregon :


Seattle 90

Leading Scorers:

Hazzard 26
Hirsch 21
Goodrich 19
Slaughter 13

Tresvant 20
Wheeler 20
Vermillion 15
Williams 12

March 14: NCAA West Regional final at Corvallis, Oregon:


USF 72

Leading Scorers:

Hazzard 23
Goodrich 15
Hirsch 14
Slaughter 9

Johnson 22
Mueller 15
Brovelli 11
Ellis 11

March 20: NCAA Championship semi-finals at Kansas City, Missori:


Kansas State 84

Leading Scorers:

Erickson 28
Hazzard 19
Goodrich 14
Washington 13

Murrell 29
Simons 24
Paradis 10
Moss 7

March 21: NCAA Championship finals at Kansas City, Missouri:


Duke 83

Leading Scorers:

Goodrich 27
Washington 26
Hirsch 13
Hazzard 11

Mullins 22
Buckley 18
Marin 16
Tison 7

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