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About half the crowd at all UCLA Basketball games (and likely most college basketball games) are students.  The student section tends to be much more enthusiastic in its cheering than the rest of the crowd, sometimes to an almost rabid extent.  As a rule, the higher the ranking or the rivalry of the opposing team, the louder the student section cheers (and jeers the opponents). 

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Because this is LA, and because it's a good team with many prolific alumni, there are usually some celebrities in the audience of a UCLA Basketball game.  John Wooden attends many of the games, and I've seen many former UCLA players including Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Pooh Richardson at games. 

Bill Walton is a frequent commentator for the games, as is ex-USC-coach George Raveling.  Other NBA players are sometimes there.  I've seen Jerry West, Magic Jordan, Shawn Kemp, and Cedric Ceballos at various games.  Since UCLA is right next door to Hollywood, famous actors sometimes attend games as well.  John Lithgow and Jaleel White are both regular attendees, for example.

[The Band]

The rest of the crowd is composed of many alumni (the bigger the donation, the better the seats :), the cheerleaders, the band, and a rather sizeable contingent of people from the press.   I generally sit right in front of the band, though I occasionally venture down into the floor benches for the really big games.

The Band
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