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Disneyland Odds N' Ends

Here's a picture of Maynard, a legendary cast member who goes the extra mile to make the park special. In this shot he's working at the Haunted Mansion.
Here's a beautiful aerial shot of the park. I've scanned it (without permission) from the book Above L.A. It's from somewhere around 1976, as you can see construction on Space Mountain in the photo and Splash Mountain is non-existant.
Here's another aerial shot of the park, from much earlier. Note the lack of almost anything, including the Matterhorn.
Here's a sign ya don't see very often at Disneyland. (well actually, you see the sign, but it doesn't look like this very often)
Here's an image of the front page of the L.A. Times on the day after Disneyland officially opened, July 18, 1955. (i.e. the park opened on the 17th, and this is the review of the opening) The story describes the various lands and talks about Walt's opening speech.
The closest I ever came to getting thrown out of Disneyland was once when a friend of mine and I were caught surfing on the hoods of the Motorboat Cruise ride. (this isn't us, it's just a picture of the ride)
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