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Each Labor day some friends and I go to Disneyland to celebrate my friend Margaret's birthday. Last year (1995) we were afforded the additional treat of getting to do lunch at Club 33 (friend of a friend made the reservation for us). This page describes that lunch, and of course the Club itself, and includes several pictures of the inside. For those who don't know what it is, Club 33 is a private restaurant located upstairs from the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Right next to the entrance to the Blue Bayou is an inconspicuous green door with a sign "33" next to it. You can only get into Club 33 with reservations, and you can only get reservations if you are a member. Lest you send me mail, note that I am not a member of Club 33, so I can't get you in. For more information about the club itself, check out the Club 33 information page.

Normally, the maximum size party you can reserve for is 10, but somehow we were able to finagle a reservation for 12 and get them to extend it to 14 at the door. We squeezed the extra 2 people into the foyer and waited to be seated. After a short wait, we were escorted upstairs and shown to our table in the trophy room. The trophy room is the smaller dining room which is directly over the lobby for the Blue Bayou. If you're standing facing the Blue Bayou, those windows on the second floor are the trophy room. It is so named for it's decorations, which include several tribal masks.

While we were waiting for our waiter, we asked the hostess if we could look around a little and she said ok. I took a few pictures in the hallway and the main dining room, but due to the odd lighting most of them didn't come out well. They keep heavy curtains over most of the windows, but the bit of light that does get through is vivid bright California sunlight, so you get very mixed saturation (unless you have a very good camera, which I don't unfortunately). Anyway, one of my photos that did come out well was of the coolest piece of furniture in the main room, which is a harpsicord with the inside of it's lid painted.

We got back to the trophy room as the waiter was passing out menus. I got several pictures of the menus, as well as the place settings.

We asked the waiter where the legendary "microphone in the chandelier" was and he pointed it out to us. Supposedly, Walt would listen to the conversations of dinner parties and occasionally talk to them via a stuffed vulture on the wall. I don't know how much truth there is to that legend, but there certainly appears to be a microphone built into the center of the chandelier.

Of course, going to Disneyland on a hot summer day means that we all dressed casually, which makes something of a disturbing image. Imagine the nicest formal restaurant you know of. Now picture me sitting there in a tie-dye t-shirt and a baseball cap turned backwards (at least it was a Tigger cap).

The food was good, but not great, and pricey but not outrageous. I got out for about $35, those who had dessert paid more like $40. If I get the chance to go again, I probably would, but I couldn't see becoming a member unless I had so much wealth that I didn't know what to do with it. I'd recommend it to anybody, unless you have children with your party, as eating there tends to be rather time consuming (we were there about 2 1/2 hours) and I'd hate to keep kids away from the park for that long. :-)

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