The Statue Song

The Statue Song

I'm tired of holding this goddamn sword
I'm tired of standing still
I'm tired of looking dignified against my will
I'm tired of looking at tourists
with their stupid pig-faced grins
I just long for a night
if you think it's all right
to be indoors again

to be indoors again

I remember the warmth of a distant embrace
but I cannot recall the name
I know we had a falling out
but I can't say who was to blame
I remember the father's burning rage
and the mother's cold refrain
I once threw pebbles at her window
to get indoors again

to get indoors again

now the fog has become a friend of mine
and the rain's my mistress there
the snow and I see eye to eye
but the wind can't mess up my hair
and the pigeon crap
ain't as bad as you might
think it would be friend
I just long for a night
if you think it's alright
to be indoors again

to be indoors again

now there's a hotel just across the way
and I can't get it out of my sight
I don't need a room with a view thank you
just a soft bed for the night
and maybe a book of fine poetry
Steve Avey or S.A. Griffin
something real deep that's gonna sing me to sleep
now that I'm indoors again

I'm indoors again

now I will dream
of being a pigeon
and rooftops in the sun
and I will dream of reading newspapers
the left and right wing ones
and I will dream of seeing a movie
Jerry Lewis or Bergman
and I will dream
of a scoop of ice cream
and being indoors again

being indoors again

see I hooked up with the hotel maid
she was somewhat startled at first
but we got to talking
and after a while
she quenched my lethal thirst
she said you're no different
than most men
I've been out with dear friend
and then she asked me
how it felt right now
to be indoors again

to be indoors again

well I had to wake up sometime
from this dream of being real
they put me here exposed to the world
and expect me not to feel
so if you feel your life
isn't going anywhere
please consider me dear friend
I'm here in the fog
with the tourists and the dogs
and you're indoors again

you're indoors again

so when you feel your life's not going anywhere
there's a chapter after this book ends
someone true
is putting up with you
and letting you indoors again

you indoors again