I'm Not Mad at You

[lyrics that I'm unsure of are bracketed]

Your anarchist friend
With the real smooth skin
Stretches on the couch
She says that I won't
Have to watch what I say
After she washes my mouth out

She's such a good friend
And that law school grin
Has got me levitating
Some guy with a book
With a pissed off look,
Her angry boyfriend's waiting

I'm not mad at you

We're sparring you see,
But not seriously
She finds me entertaining
Her terms are defined
And her eyebrows are lined
And I'm barely maintaining
[oooh. but I am]

She's got me floating in space,
Girl you've found that your place
Is really in the kitchen
Denying what's given
Like natural rhythm
It's too gruesome to mention, so

I'm not mad at you