Doubting Uncle Tom

[lyrics that I'm unsure of are bracketed]

I've been picking dollars again
At the plantation on Wall Street
Contradictions I eat with them
It's an acquired taste, this dog meat

Just got out of surgery
Mother's University
But last night in my dream I saw
Garvey on the cross
Woke up and called my mom
Doubting uncle Tom

Just got out of surgery
Harlem University
I need three year-old Rolls Royces
red, black, green
You see, I park them on my front lawn
Doubting uncle Tom

I have tricked your daughters again
At the out-humane society
I gave three fifths status to them
I never let them near the library

Just got out of surgery
Whorehouse University
It's a shame y'all can't explain
why this happened to me
I got to replace my ROM
Doubting uncle Tom

Just got out of surgery
[Deep house?] University
Help me find my second mind
then go to tell on me
And tell me when the train is gone
Doubting uncle Tom

I Just got out of surgery
I'm a victim of the pomp
My underground railroad keeps sinking
deeper into the suburbian nightmare swamp
Doubting uncle Tom